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About Us

Our Raw Salad Dressings have no gluten, no perservatives and no added salt. They are very highly concentrated gourmet products that are widely used as marinades and glazes as well.

Nestled between the picturesque Kings River and the Western Sierra Nevada foothills lies the enchanted Sherwood Inn Restaurant. Amidst a conversion from a family steak house to fine dining faire we realized the importance of an upgrade in our salad dressings. You see, Milly, as the only server and the only cook, had to not only say "Thousand Island" and "Ranch" before going into Rosemary Lamb Wellington or Salmon Florentine but then ultimately even send it out of the kitchen before our glorious entree's.

Well, we already grew about 60 different herbs and vegetables organically and pick them as we go for the dinner hour so… when we ran into a customer with 95 varieties of certified organic peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines, we decided to experiment with the plethora of combinations available through our own gardens. We created truly unique flavor combinations that are all raw, maintaining the vitamins, enzymes and flavor that are mostly eliminated in heat-processed, so-called "shelf-stable" products in the supermarkets. As a fresh food product there is no gluten, no preservatives and no added salt. The rest is history folks.

Approximately five years ago, we began offering our raw Organic Fruit & Fresh Herb Salad Dressings as the only option in our dinner house. Well… all the gals went absolutely wild over them and about half the guys loved them as well. Then customers began asking for salad dressing "to go". We didn't want to look tacky so, at first, we simply corked bottles. One thing led to another until ultimately, we set up tasting booths at certified farmers markets on California's pristine Central Coast.

Well, we quickly found out that the product could succeed on it's own merit without the accompaniment of our enchanting restaurant experience. As a raw product with no gluten, no perservatives and no added salt, we have a rapidly growing customer base that love to use them as marinades and glazes as well. In fact, our Strawberry Mint started out as a glaze for salmon... our Apricot Cilantro as a glaze for a roasted pork tenderloin.. simply use them toward the end of your cooking, allowing it to "bubble-up" and glaze over, then take out and serve. Our regular customers continue to experiment finding their favorites and using them on everything they eat! Our unique combinations create truly unique flavors.

That brings us to the reason for our on-line presence. Tourists from all over the world that bought our dressing at the tasting booths began calling the restaurant to re-order before we even had a web-site. So... now that we are up to speed... order and enjoy!


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